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we provide projects/training on embedded systems and robotics projects based on 8051 micro controller Java,Dotnet,Android,PHP, Web Designing e.t.c.,

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Embedded Training

LogicZen offers 24-Week Advanced Course in Embedded Systems. This course is designed to offer application oriented training & real time exposure to students, there by provides for bridging the gap between industry’s requirements and students’ academic skill set. By pursuing the Institute’s Program in Embedded Systems the students gain ready acceptance in the market.
LogicZen  Carrer Development Centre  provide  Advanced Course in Embedded systems serves the interests of practicing embedded software engineers as well as those engineers planning to enter the embedded field. The course content of this Program is approved by the industry and it,
  • Presents practical lessons and techniques for use in Designing, Implementing, Integrating and Testing software for Modern Embedded Systems
  • Describes what an embedded system is, what makes them different, and what embedded systems designers need to know to develop embedded systems
  • Provides the student with a life cycle view for designing multi-objective, multi-discipline embedded systems
  • Imparts a solid understanding of the role of embedded systems and embedded systems design and development in modern day’s technology-enabled society
What the students gain through the course?
So, the students completing the Advanced Embedded Course will be equipped with the needful technical skills concerning
  • Evaluating
  • Developing
  • Implementing
  •     Integrating

Embedded systems, and will understand the role of embedded systems in the context of complex engineering systems.
Our Embedded course aims at imparting technical skills to the students right from the basics to advanced level, such that, by the end of the Program the student is developed as the finished product, ready to join the industry.

Duration :6 Months
Eligibility : B.E/B.Tech, M.Tech, M.sc (electronics branches)
Admission Through All India Entrance test conducted around 25 centers

Practical C
  • Why C in Embedded
  • ANSI Standard
  • Fundamentals of C
  • Datatypes and Constants
  • Simple & Formatted I/O
  • Memory Usage
  • Operators & Expressions
  • Flow Control
  • Loops
  • Role of Functions
  • Pass by value / reference
  • Returning values from Functions
  • Recursive Functions
  • Call Back Functions
  • Implications on Stack
  • Library Vs User defined function
  • Passing variable number of arguments
  • Defining, initializing and using arrays
  • Multi Dimensional Arrays
  • Arrays of Characters and Strings
  • Arrays and Pointers
  • Passing arrays to functions
  • String handling with and without library functions
Storage Classes
  • Scope and Life
  • Automatic, Static, External, Register
  • Memory(CPU / RAM)
Structures & Unions
  • What structures are for
  • Declaration, initialization
  • Accessing like objects
  • Nested Structures
  • Array of Structures
  • Passing structures through functions
  • Allocation of memory and holes
  • Structure Comparison
  • Structure bit operation
  • Typedef for portability
  • Unions
  • Overlapping members
Enumerated data types
  • Enum, Indexing, enum Vs #define
Bit Operations
  • AND ( & ), OR ( | ), XOR ( ^ )
  • Compliment ( ~ )
  • Left-Shift ( << ), Right Shift ( >> )
  • Masking, Setting, Clearing and Testing of Bit / Bits
  • The purpose of pointers
  • Defining pointers
  • The & and * operators
  • Pointer Assignment
  • Pointer Arithmetic
  • Multiple indirections
  • Advanced pointer types
  • Generic and Null Pointer
  • Function Pointers
  • Pointers to Arrays and Strings
  • Array of Pointers
  • Pointers to Structure and Union
  • Pointers to Dynamic memory
  • Far, Near and Huge Pointers
  • Pointer Type Casting
Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Malloc(), Calloc(), Realloc(), Free()
  • Farmalloc(), Farcalloc()
File Handling Concepts
  • Concept of a FILE data type
  • Inode, FILE structure
  • File pointer
  • Character handling routines
  • Formatted Data Routines
  • Raw data Routines
  • Random Access to FILE
Command line Arguments
  • Argc, argv
  • Variable Inputs to the main
Compiler in Practical
  • Preprocessor Directives
  • Compiler, Assembler, Linker
  • Conditional Compilation
  • Multiple File Compilation
  • Code Optimization techniques
  • Volatile, #pragma
Data Structures
  • Linear & non-linear
  • Homogeneous & non-homogeneous
  • Static & Dynamic
  • Single, Double & Circular Linked Lists
  • Stacks & Queues
  • Binary Trees
Sorting and Searching Techniques
  • Insertion, Selection, Bubble, Merge, Quick, Heap
Concepts and Real-time Exposure
  • Development Tools and Environment
  • Make Utility
  • Industry Coding Standards
  • Object / Executable File Format
  • Debugger

Once course completed students need to design one mini /major project.

Inplant training

Why IPT is important ?

  • Inplant training, or IPT in short, is an essential part of academics.
  • It provides a hands-on and real time exposure to Engineering graduates.
  • Only through IPT, a student can transform his theoretical knowledge into a practical solution.
  • The industry nowadays prefers students with practical knowledge over bookworms. So even if you are a university topper, if you are not tuned for industry, then there is no use.
  • A valid IPT certificate will always make you appear quirky in the eyes of the employer.Now, do you have any other easier way of impressing your interviewer.

Company Profile

Company Profile
LogicZen Career Development Centre is a Thanjavur, India based Technology Company that is into product design, services, training and custom designed projects. It is an certified organization which has high level expertise In cutting edge technologies including embedded software development, real time systems, RFID solutions, GSM, GPS, Zigbee and wireless factory automations. Logiczen offers comprehensive engineering solutions based on embedded platform has developed several embedded applications for use in areas such as factory and building automation, migration and porting to different hardware and software platforms.
LogicZen CDC is an island of innovations, where knowledge meets curiosity, has been setting new bench marks in engineering training and solutions. Nestled in prime location in the heart of Thanjavur city, Wine Yard believes in empowering nation by technology training, creativity and freedom to ensure that learning is fun.
The team members at wine yard technologies upgrade their skill set time-to-time in various advanced technology domains to cater the industry. More than 1,00,000 students and over 50+ working professionals, professors and teaching faculty from various universities are immensely benefited by workshops conducted by us on various technology domains.


To be an Industry in dynamic equilibrium with its social and ecological environment striving continuously for excellence in education, research and technological service to the nation Mission:
To create and sustain a community of learning in which students acquire knowledge and learn to apply it professionally with due consideration for ethical, ecological and economic issues
  • To pursue research and disseminate research findings
  • To provide knowledge-based technological services to satisfy the needs of society and the industry
  • To help in building national capabilities in science, technology, humanities, management, education and research
Quality Policy:
To pursue global standards of excellence in all our endeavors namely research, production, consultancy and talent transformation and to remain accountable in our core and support functions, through processes of self-evaluation and continuous improvement.

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